Take the Lead Dance Project

Take the Lead Dance Project is an in-school arts education social dance program

Take the Lead Dance Project utilizes partner dance instruction to introduce high school students not only to dance steps but to the social skills and attitudes necessary in social dance, including discipline, teamwork, civility, appreciation of music, enhanced communication skills, and respect for other cultures. The project partners a trained, experienced teaching artist with one of Philadelphia’s public high schools for a 10-week 20 class course that introduces students to basic concepts of social dance and engages them in a range of styles.

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Take the Lead Dance Project is made possible through the generous support of individuals, local corporations, and Foundations.

Take The Lead Dance Project


"To see almost every type of student dancing together on the stage was demonstration of the promise to what a school can be for so many!"
Otis Hackney, Chief Education Officer of the city of Philadelphia

"This program is in line with the physical education curriculum, the students learn elegance, social skills, and teamwork. The program truly embodies the whole child approach."
Principal Kimlime Chek-Taylor, South Philadelphia High School

"The social dance program helps students realize what positive praise is. It gives our students exposure to the arts and culture that dance offers. It allows students from different cultural backgrounds to connect with one another."
Principal Daniel Peou, Horace Howard Furness High School

"Overall, this is a very interesting, helpful, and inspirational dance program for all teenagers, It doesn't only develop friendship among classmates, it also helps students to be open and friendly to others."
Elzat, 11th grader

“It always took me a while to get comfortable around people I didn’t know, but being in dance class has changed that. Dancing with fellow classmates has allowed me to talk to others and show them all of me on our first acquaintance. Now I show anybody I meet the whole me, no matter what.”
Kristen, 9th grader

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