Take the Lead Dance Project

Our mission is to enrich the lives and education of High School students in Philadelphia through the practice of social dance.

Our vision starts with the belief that social dance is important to the education, growth, and development of our youth. To that end, Take the Lead Dance Project is committed to teaching high school students how to work together in a cooperative and respectful manner through the practice of social dance.

The goal of Take the Lead Dance Project is to address the needs of youth during this very impressionable age. Through social dance, we teach that being cooperative, respectful, and kind young adults can have far reaching effects in both their personal and professional life. With social dance instruction students learn the importance of cooperation, respect, and self-confidence as well as fitness, coordination, and rhythm. Plus, it is a skill that anyone can learn and a sport that lasts a lifetime!

Social dancing improves cognitive functioning and fosters the social and emotional learning needed for success in other areas of education and life. Students improve tolerance of others, enhance physical coordination, and develop communication skills while learning cooperation and teamwork. The patience and respect necessary for social dance carry over to life skills in other classrooms and beyond.

Take the Lead Dance Project, is a multicultural experience through the practice of social dance and celebrates diversity by exploring different cultures through their respective social dance traditions, including dances that originated in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Argentina, and the United States. Philadelphia inner-city high school classrooms are very diverse. Social dance breaks down social and cultural barriers, deepens intercultural appreciation, and allows students to work together joyfully to achieve a common goal.